My team is called Pink Power Global Queendom

Jeri Taylor-Swade wearing her LipSense stripes!

It's the unique "calling card" SeneGence distributors have to share the product

​​Cuppa with the Queen PodCast

Pink Power is the name of OUR SeneGence International Dominion Team! The Pink Power Queendom encompasses ALL of the Crown Princess Teams under Jeri Taylor-Swade, First Queen of SeneGence. We are all part of the team!
If you are a Pink Power member you have a network of over 3,000 distributors that you too can call your team members!

The Pink Power Queendom encompasses team members in the United States, Canada, Australia, and England!
In SeneGence we say that all of us are Sisters...Yes, that makes us SeneSisters! Welcome to the Pink Power SeneSisters!


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Jeri Taylor-Swade

Queen of SeneGence

Cuppa with the Queen PodCast

Fun team video from SeneGence Seminar 2015