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Partnering for Profit with SeneGence
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Go out to meet and talk to potential new customers and distributors. Opening line may be something like this "Excuse me, I am doing a LIPSTICK survey today to find out what colors are your favorite. I can tell you like makeup and lipstick (because she has it on), so I thought you would be the perfect one to ask. See these colors on my hand? Which are you most drawn too? By the way, this is LipSense the patented lipcolor that won't come off for up to 18 hours and it won't dry your lips either! I actually have that color with me if you want to try a sample and test it! We are doing are having a drawing of all that take the survey today to win a starter set of LipSense which is a $45.00 value. Are you in Area Code 702? (or wherever you live) and then get their information and have your mini tester kit available for them to try it on! Have fun!

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Use this LipSense Survey to go "WOWing" with your team. Dress in SeneGence Blue (so you look like a team and professional, print out the survey a, cut into 3 pieces, put on a clip board and put the corresponding LipSense color stripes on your hand. 

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Listen in as Jeri Taylor-Swade is interviewed by Dana Phillips of the DSWA in the Mentored by the Masters Series...."Making Direct Sales Happen"

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